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Oxygen Gas Plant

Considering the requirement of our international clients and their specifications, our company has started manufacturing and exporting oxygen gas plants equipped with the state of the art features. The plants are employed with the latest European technology helping us not only producing economical plants, but also the machines that require low upkeep, maintenance cost and high performance. To generate oxygen and nitrogen gases, our plants take the air from an air compressor and separate the oxygen and nitrogen from other gases. Come up with different capacities ranging from 20 m3/hr to 5000 m3/hr, the oxygen gas producing plant produce 99.7% pure oxygen and nitrogen as a second product with purity upto 99.99%.

Our company uses a technology that is highly reliable with proven performance for a number of years. With the international approach and experienced workforce, our organization has become an esteemed company for excellent designing features and efficient process cycle. With the state of the art and well equipped manufacturing units, we work with an aim to manufacture the same quality of plants designed and developed in Europe with a much cheaper labor cost and resources. Our oxygen generating system comes up with a guarantee of 20 to 25 years, but they are smoothly performing for over 30 years

Features of our oxygen generating machines
  • • Very simple operation
  • • No water required
  • • No regular oil consumed
  • • Very low power
  • • Atlas Copco Rotary Air Compressor (Air cooled design)
  • • Low cost of production
  • • Plant noise level only 74 - 76 Db
  • • Cylinder filling system at 155 Bar for Oxygen & Nitrogen
  • • No reciprocating parts
DCPL 50 m3/hr

Technical Description DCPL 50P
Oxygen 50cum/hr.
No. of Cylinders in a day 200 cyl. Per day
Pressure Standard (Cylinder Filling Pressure) 155 kg/cm² (200 BAR opt)
Oxygen Gas Purity 99.7%
Nitrogen 200 cyl. Per day
Pressure outlet 0.1 kg/cm²
Nitrogen Gas Purity 96% - 99.99%
Uses of oxygen gas produced medical&industrial
Type of plant assembly Skid mounted
Assembly height cold box 8 meter
Area of plant 8 x 12 meter
Service duty buyer specify Heavy duty or medium duty

Our oxygen making machines are designed and developed in accordance with ISO parameters and CE certifications. In fact, the machines are fully automatic as per need and perform at very low energy and maintenance cost. The devices find application for a number of industries such as water processing, glass industry, steel industry, brazing industry, oil & gas and healthcare industry. We have supplied our plants nearly all countries like Yemen, Congo, Nigeria, France, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Mexico and so on.

Once our plants reach the destination country, our engineer visit the country and commission and install the plant as per the user manual guides. After successful commissioning and installation, the engineer also provides training to the operators so that they can operate the plant professionally. Since the machines are fully automatic, they do not require much manpower involvement.

Technical Specification (Model Selection Table)

MODEL DCPL-50 DCPL-80 DCPL-100 DCPL-150 DCPL-200 DCPL-300 DCPL-400 DCPL-500
Capacity(In Cubic Meter per Hour) 50 80 100 150 200 300 400 500
No. of Cylinder per Day Oxygen/Nitrogen 200 320 400 600 800 1200 1600 2000
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