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Oxygen Filling Station

Delhi Cryogenics Products Pvt. Ltd. is a medium scale industry setup by a team of experienced, highly dedicated & skilled engineers working in the designing, manufacturing and commissioning of oxygen-nitrogen plants & acetylene plants for more than 20 years. As a leading and reputed company, it is engaged in manufacturing and Supplying Oxygen plants, Nitrogen plants and Acetylene plants in India. Incorporated in 1987 at New Delhi, India, the company is equipped with latest and state of the art technologies. We supply a broad range of oxygenmedical and industrial gas plants and processing equipment for both industrial and medical customers all over the world.
We offer technically advanced oxygen plants, liquid oxygen nitrogen plants, oxygen gas plant, cryogenic liquid oxygen plant, nitrogen generators, liquid oxygen generators, acetylene gas plants and more. Designed in compliance with international quality standards, these plants also help in the filling of gas pressure in cylinders.
We manufacture cost-effective, safe and reliable oxygen generating systems for high quality industrial and medical use. Currently our oxygen plants are being exported to many countries worldwide, serving markets for bottling cylinders, industrial gas cutting of steel, production of steel glass Petrochemical industry, Fabrication, Medical use in Hospitals, Oil & gas Industry, and Animal Husbandry.
Our Process is based on the latest design and technology of Liquefaction of AIR where the basic principle of deep refrigeration and cooling is used to liquefy the atmospheric air specially suitable to produce liquid oxygen-nitrogen and filling high pressure oxygen Nitrogen of high purity cylinders & bottles and safe to operate for production of medical and industrial oxygen because the pure oxygen can be filled directly into cylinders without coming into contact with the air or moisture


Oxygen Filling manifold

Delhioxygen manufactures and suppliesoxygen plants which are extensively used in oxygen and nitrogen production industries and Hospitals. We offer the plants ranging from Medium pressure cylinder filling plants, liquid oxygen nitrogen plants and many more which are designed in compliance with international quality standards to offer the optimum performance.

DCPL supplies the plant complete with Cylinder filling system for the Oxygen plant at pressure of 150 to 200 kg/cm2 for cylinder filling. Our multi point cylinder filling station helps clients fill in their cylinders as and when required. We feel proud to say that we have achieved 100% customer retention so you can feel confident while looking at our products.

This is a multi point cylinder filling station incorporated with sockets, control valve, pressure gauges, safety valves and latest flexible stainless steel hoses/filling connections mounted on a stand to fill cylinders continuously as per the requirement of the user. Under the guidance of technical experts, we become able to develop the product equipped with a number of latest features. Our Cylinder filling plants are designed keeping in mind safety and security.

With the years of experience and availability of trained engineers, we become able to deliver high quality and durable cylinder filling plants. The product is not only easy to operate & maintain, but also enables users to potentially manage their own business. To get more information, either write or call us.

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